Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Elkmont to Tremont one way hike

Fun to do a one way hike.  

So Friends of Smokies arranged rocky top tours pick up 50 of us at Tremont to then get dropped at elkmont.   Ed Flemmimg told us about the man meigs Mnt named after.
 He came down here early 1800 to do some surveys and hiked around Tremont over to elkmont and that is where meigs mountain and meigs creek comes from     We saw some old pictures of elkmont which was lots of buildings and no trees from the little river logging co using up all the virgin forest.  Same true for Tremont area  
 We hiked up jakes creek to meigs mountain and hung a right.  Along the way we saw old wash tub and wagon wheel close to a campsite 20. Then rested up a little at curry mountain intersection.   A small gravesite is close by w some huskeys buried there.  Long time hiker and friend glen Cantrell wife hazel was born closer to Tremont end of this hike.  
  At meigs creek trail junction we had lunch and ed whipped out some trail maps from early 1800.   By the civil war this area had lots of settlers and we talked about where the "new world " area  is off middle prong trail and how we want to venture to see it w a good guide like Ed one winter.  
Going down lumber ridge trail we hit some spectacular color and it took our minds off our sore legs from steep downhill last two miles    Many visited the Tremont store and purchased some books and pamphlets about school and adult progress that go on year round on this pretty section of Smokies 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Get on Trail w Friends & Missy 2014

17 year of Get on Trail hikes and still going strong.  50 plus signed up for all 4 hikes and now close to 180,000 raised for Friends of The Smokies 
 1 hike. Andrews Bald w side trip to see old Boiler left on Forney Creek area by 1920 loggers 
Then week two we had 50 plus on trillium gap trail to Grotto falls part of Roarinh Fork area of park.  Then another 1.6 up the steep hill to junction w Brushy Mnt bald area and back.   A bald w lots of short thick brush.  But interesting views looking over to Porters creek Mnt area 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Beautiful Burgess Falls worth the drive

The Get on a local trail series ventured outside of East Tn to Cumberland plateau and well worth 80 minute drive.   Exit 286 in Cookville then follow signs.  Pretty little state park w picnic facilities playroom and not one but 4 sets of water falls !  All in a one mile area.    Nice trail w some railing.   Plus cool steel passage of steps to get to lower section of big falls.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Magnificent Magnolia manor Hot Springs

What a great place to stay for another Fit and Fun adventure in Hot springs 
And we loved hiking Paint Rock the first day   It's only about 6 miles from Hotsprings on other side of French broad river   Ancient pictographs on rocks from Cherokee Indians 2500 BC.  They were headed to medicinal Hot Springs Spa.  
Next day tough but pretty hike on AT allen gap to tankard springs 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Biggest winner wt loss team hitting it hard

The team of 12 were told that we would expect them at all Health shoppe training sessions starting jan 1.  But this crew wanted to hit the gym (FSHFC) and training runs right off the bat.  They are listening to Karen Lacey (RD) advice. Joining Coach Joe Mitchell often at Spin classes and keeping log records for me Coach Kane.    Follow their progress on page and we may see u at next Sat training for the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon (half relay & 5k too) 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cool Historic HIke Old Sugarlands

Such a neat historic hike off Old Sugarlands trail and off trailing it. then preview of Panthers Creek and Morristown Hamblin this coming week!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Good ole Rocky Top a fun hike

Great fall color lined the trails to Rovky Top on top of Thumderhead mnt   U go up Anthony creek trail then Bote mnt. When u hit the AT go left.  In 400 yards is a great lunch spot w views of Fontana and Shuckstack tower.   Then it's 1.1 miles up to Rocky Top which is just rocks on the trail but gorgeous views. This year 78 degrees last shots from one year ago same 
 hike one foot of snow